Tables of names and headers for

Both tables are sorted in ASCII order. They have been compiled from the Standards documents with great care and are believed to be highly accurate. If you find an error or omission in these tables, I'd be more than thankful to hear about it - please let me know so I can fix it. If you are concerned about name clashes in your c code (honest: did you know that you can't write a non-static function named Cleared() without invoking undefined behavior?) you'll definitely not regret following this link.

Last change: August 13, 2016 - Jens Schweikhardt - home

ISO C Names and corresponding headers:

Note: the math functions in math.h come in three flavors. The C89 Standard requires only functions taking and returning double arguments. C89 Section 7.13.4 on "Future library directions" states for math.h that "The names of all existing functions declared in the <math.h> header, suffixed with f or l, are reserved respectively for corresponding functions with float and long double arguments and return values."

Name                     Header         Standard
ATOMIC_BOOL_LOCK_FREE    stdatomic.h    C11
ATOMIC_CHAR16_T_LOCK_FREE stdatomic.h   C11
ATOMIC_CHAR32_T_LOCK_FREE stdatomic.h   C11
ATOMIC_CHAR_LOCK_FREE    stdatomic.h    C11
ATOMIC_FLAG_INIT         stdatomic.h    C11
ATOMIC_INT_LOCK_FREE     stdatomic.h    C11
ATOMIC_LLONG_LOCK_FREE   stdatomic.h    C11
ATOMIC_LONG_LOCK_FREE    stdatomic.h    C11
ATOMIC_SHORT_LOCK_FREE   stdatomic.h    C11
ATOMIC_VAR_INIT          stdatomic.h    C11
ATOMIC_WCHAR_T_LOCK_FREE stdatomic.h    C11
BUFSIZ                   stdio.h        C89
CHAR_BIT                 limits.h       C89
CHAR_MAX                 limits.h       C89
CHAR_MIN                 limits.h       C89
CLOCKS_PER_SEC           time.h         C89
CMPLX                    complex.h      C11
CMPLXF                   complex.h      C11
CMPLXL                   complex.h      C11
CX_LIMITED_RANGE         #pragma        C99
DBL_DIG                  float.h        C89
DBL_EPSILON              float.h        C89
DBL_MANT_DIG             float.h        C89
DBL_MAX                  float.h        C89
DBL_MAX_10_EXP           float.h        C89
DBL_MAX_EXP              float.h        C89
DBL_MIN                  float.h        C89
DBL_MIN_10_EXP           float.h        C89
DBL_MIN_EXP              float.h        C89
DECIMAL_DIG              float.h        C99
EDOM                     errno.h        C89
EILSEQ                   errno.h        C89
EOF                      stdio.h        C89
ERANGE                   errno.h        C89
EXIT_FAILURE             stdlib.h       C89
EXIT_SUCCESS             stdlib.h       C89
FENV_ACCESS              #pragma        C99
FE_ALL_EXCEPT            fenv.h         C99
FE_DFL_ENV               fenv.h         C99
FE_DIVBYZERO             fenv.h         C99
FE_DOWNWARD              fenv.h         C99
FE_INEXACT               fenv.h         C99
FE_INVALID               fenv.h         C99
FE_OVERFLOW              fenv.h         C99
FE_TONEAREST             fenv.h         C99
FE_TOWARDZERO            fenv.h         C99
FE_UNDERFLOW             fenv.h         C99
FE_UPWARD                fenv.h         C99
FILE                     stdio.h        C89
FILENAME_MAX             stdio.h        C89
FLT_DIG                  float.h        C89
FLT_EPSILON              float.h        C89
FLT_EVAL_METHOD          float.h        C99
FLT_MANT_DIG             float.h        C89
FLT_MAX                  float.h        C89
FLT_MAX_10_EXP           float.h        C89
FLT_MAX_EXP              float.h        C89
FLT_MIN                  float.h        C89
FLT_MIN_10_EXP           float.h        C89
FLT_MIN_EXP              float.h        C89
FLT_RADIX                float.h        C89
FLT_ROUNDS               float.h        C89
FOPEN_MAX                stdio.h        C89
FP_CONTRACT              #pragma        C99
FP_FAST_FMA              math.h         C99
FP_FAST_FMAF             math.h         C99
FP_FAST_FMAL             math.h         C99
FP_ILOGB0                math.h         C99
FP_ILOGBNAN              math.h         C99
FP_INFINITE              math.h         C99
FP_NAN                   math.h         C99
FP_NORMAL                math.h         C99
FP_SUBNORMAL             math.h         C99
FP_ZERO                  math.h         C99
HUGE_VAL                 math.h         C89
HUGE_VALF                math.h         C89
HUGE_VALL                math.h         C89
I                        complex.h      C99
INFINITY                 math.h         C99
INT*_C                   stdint.h       C99
INT*_MAX                 stdint.h       C99
INT*_MIN                 stdint.h       C99
INTMAX_C                 stdint.h       C99
INTMAX_MAX               stdint.h       C99
INTMAX_MIN               stdint.h       C99
INTPTR_MAX               stdint.h       C99
INTPTR_MIN               stdint.h       C99
INT_FAST*_MAX            stdint.h       C99
INT_FAST*_MIN            stdint.h       C99
INT_LEAST*_MAX           stdint.h       C99
INT_LEAST*_MIN           stdint.h       C99
INT_MAX                  limits.h       C89
INT_MIN                  limits.h       C89
LC_ALL                   locale.h       C89
LC_COLLATE               locale.h       C89
LC_CTYPE                 locale.h       C89
LC_MONETARY              locale.h       C89
LC_NUMERIC               locale.h       C89
LC_TIME                  locale.h       C89
LDBL_DIG                 float.h        C89
LDBL_EPSILON             float.h        C89
LDBL_MANT_DIG            float.h        C89
LDBL_MAX                 float.h        C89
LDBL_MAX_10_EXP          float.h        C89
LDBL_MAX_EXP             float.h        C89
LDBL_MIN                 float.h        C89
LDBL_MIN_10_EXP          float.h        C89
LDBL_MIN_EXP             float.h        C89
LLONG_MAX                limits.h       C99
LLONG_MIN                limits.h       C99
LONG_MAX                 limits.h       C89
LONG_MIN                 limits.h       C89
L_tmpnam                 stdio.h        C89
L_tmpnam_s               stdio.h        C11
MATH_ERREXCEPT           math.h         C99
MATH_ERRNO               math.h         C99
MB_CUR_MAX               stdlib.h       C89
MB_LEN_MAX               limits.h       C89
NAN                      math.h         C99
NDEBUG                   assert.h       C89
NULL                     locale.h       C89
NULL                     stddef.h       C89
NULL                     stdio.h        C89
NULL                     stdlib.h       C89
NULL                     string.h       C89
NULL                     time.h         C89
NULL                     wchar.h        C89
ONCE_FLAG_INIT           threads.h      C11
PRIX*                    inttypes.h     C99
PRIXFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
PRIXLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
PRIXMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIXPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
PRId*                    inttypes.h     C99
PRIdFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
PRIdLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
PRIdMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIdPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIi*                    inttypes.h     C99
PRIiFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
PRIiLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
PRIiMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIiPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIo*                    inttypes.h     C99
PRIoFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
PRIoLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
PRIoMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIoPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIu*                    inttypes.h     C99
PRIuFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
PRIuLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
PRIuMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIuPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIx*                    inttypes.h     C99
PRIxFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
PRIxLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
PRIxMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
PRIxPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
PTRDIFF_MAX              stdint.h       C99
PTRDIFF_MIN              stdint.h       C99
RAND_MAX                 stdlib.h       C89
RSIZE_MAX                stdint.h       C11
SCHAR_MAX                limits.h       C89
SCHAR_MIN                limits.h       C89
SCNd*                    inttypes.h     C99
SCNdFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
SCNdLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
SCNdMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
SCNdPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
SCNi*                    inttypes.h     C99
SCNiFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
SCNiLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
SCNiMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
SCNiPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
SCNo*                    inttypes.h     C99
SCNoFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
SCNoLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
SCNoMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
SCNoPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
SCNu*                    inttypes.h     C99
SCNuFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
SCNuLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
SCNuMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
SCNuPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
SCNx*                    inttypes.h     C99
SCNxFAST*                inttypes.h     C99
SCNxLEAST*               inttypes.h     C99
SCNxMAX                  inttypes.h     C99
SCNxPTR                  inttypes.h     C99
SEEK_CUR                 stdio.h        C89
SEEK_END                 stdio.h        C89
SEEK_SET                 stdio.h        C89
SHRT_MAX                 limits.h       C89
SHRT_MIN                 limits.h       C89
SIGABRT                  signal.h       C89
SIGFPE                   signal.h       C89
SIGILL                   signal.h       C89
SIGINT                   signal.h       C89
SIGSEGV                  signal.h       C89
SIGTERM                  signal.h       C89
SIG_ATOMIC_MAX           stdint.h       C99
SIG_ATOMIC_MIN           stdint.h       C99
SIG_DFL                  signal.h       C89
SIG_ERR                  signal.h       C89
SIG_IGN                  signal.h       C89
SIZE_MAX                 stdint.h       C99
TIME_UTC                 time.h         C11
TMP_MAX                  stdio.h        C89
TMP_MAX_S                stdio.h        C11
TSS_DTOR_ITERATIONS      threads.h      C11
UCHAR_MAX                limits.h       C89
UINT*_C                  stdint.h       C99
UINT*_MAX                stdint.h       C99
UINTMAX_C                stdint.h       C99
UINTMAX_MAX              stdint.h       C99
UINTPTR_MAX              stdint.h       C99
UINT_FAST*_MAX           stdint.h       C99
UINT_LEAST*_MAX          stdint.h       C99
UINT_MAX                 limits.h       C89
ULLONG_MAX               limits.h       C99
ULONG_MAX                limits.h       C89
USHRT_MAX                limits.h       C89
WCHAR_MAX                stdint.h       C99
WCHAR_MAX                wchar.h        C89
WCHAR_MIN                stdint.h       C99
WCHAR_MIN                wchar.h        C89
WEOF                     wchar.h        C89
WEOF                     wctype.h       C99
WINT_MAX                 stdint.h       C99
WINT_MIN                 stdint.h       C99
_Complex_I               complex.h      C99
_Exit                    stdlib.h       C99
_IOFBF                   stdio.h        C89
_IOLBF                   stdio.h        C89
_IONBF                   stdio.h        C89
_Imaginary_I             complex.h      C99
_Pragma                  (Operator)     C99
__DATE__                 (Implementation) C89
__FILE__                 (Implementation) C89
__LINE__                 (Implementation) C89
__STDC_ANALYZABLE__      (Implementation) C11
__STDC_HOSTED__          (Implementation) C89
__STDC_IEC_559_COMPLEX   (Implementation) C11
__STDC_IEC_559__         (Implementation) C11
__STDC_ISO_10646__       (Implementation) C11
__STDC_LIB_EXT1__        (Implementation) C11
__STDC_MB_MIGHT_NEQ_WC__ (Implementation) C11
__STDC_NO_ATOMICS__      (Implementation) C11
__STDC_NO_COMPLEX__      (Implementation) C11
__STDC_NO_THREADS__      (Implementation) C11
__STDC_NO_VLA__          (Implementation) C11
__STDC_UTF_16__          (Implementation) C11
__STDC_UTF_32__          (Implementation) C11
__STDC_VERSION__         (Implementation) C89
__STDC_WANT_LIB_EXT1__   (Feature Macro)  C11
__STDC__                 (Implementation) C89
__TIME__                 (Implementation) C89
__VA_ARGS__              (Preprocessor) C99
__alignas_is_defined     stdalign.h     C11
__alignof_is_defined     stdalign.h     C11
__bool_true_false_are_defined stdbool.h C99
__func__                 (Implementation) C99
abort                    stdlib.h       C89
abort_handler_s          stdlib.h       C11
abs                      stdlib.h       C89
acos                     math.h         C89
acos                     tgmath.h       C99
acosf                    math.h         C99
acosh                    math.h         C99
acosh                    tgmath.h       C99
acoshf                   math.h         C99
acoshl                   math.h         C99
acosl                    math.h         C99
alignas                  stdalign.h     C11
aligned_alloc            stdlib.h       C11
alignof                  stdalign.h     C11
and                      iso646.h       C89
and_eq                   iso646.h       C89
asctime                  time.h         C89
asctime_s                time.h         C11
asin                     math.h         C89
asin                     tgmath.h       C99
asinf                    math.h         C99
asinh                    math.h         C99
asinh                    tgmath.h       C99
asinhf                   math.h         C99
asinhl                   math.h         C99
asinl                    math.h         C99
assert                   assert.h       C89
at_quick_exit            stdlib.h       C11
atan                     math.h         C89
atan                     tgmath.h       C99
atan2                    math.h         C89
atan2                    tgmath.h       C99
atan2f                   math.h         C99
atan2l                   math.h         C99
atanf                    math.h         C99
atanh                    math.h         C99
atanh                    tgmath.h       C99
atanhf                   math.h         C99
atanhl                   math.h         C99
atanl                    math.h         C99
atexit                   stdlib.h       C89
atof                     stdlib.h       C89
atoi                     stdlib.h       C89
atol                     stdlib.h       C89
atoll                    stdlib.h       C99
atomic_bool              stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_char              stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_char16_t          stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_char32_t          stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_compare_exchange_strong stdatomic.h C11
atomic_compare_exchange_strong_explicit stdatomic.h C11
atomic_compare_exchange_weak stdatomic.h C11
atomic_compare_exchange_weak_explicit stdatomic.h C11
atomic_exchange          stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_exchange_explicit stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_fetch_add         stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_fetch_add_explicit stdatomic.h   C11
atomic_fetch_and         stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_fetch_and_explicit stdatomic.h   C11
atomic_fetch_or          stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_fetch_or_explicit stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_fetch_sub         stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_fetch_sub_explicit stdatomic.h   C11
atomic_fetch_xor         stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_fetch_xor_explicit stdatomic.h   C11
atomic_flag              stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_flag_clear        stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_flag_clear_explicit stdatomic.h  C11
atomic_flag_test_and_set stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_flag_test_and_set_explicit stdatomic.h C11
atomic_init              stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_int               stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_int_fast16_t      stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_int_fast32_t      stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_int_fast64_t      stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_int_fast8_t       stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_int_least16_t     stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_int_least32_t     stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_int_least64_t     stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_int_least8_t      stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_intmax_t          stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_intptr_t          stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_is_lock_free      stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_llong             stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_load              stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_load_explicit     stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_long              stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_ptrdiff_t         stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_schar             stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_short             stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_signal_fence      stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_size_t            stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_store             stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_store_explicit    stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_thread_fence      stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uchar             stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uint              stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uint_fast16_t     stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uint_fast32_t     stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uint_fast64_t     stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uint_fast8_t      stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uint_least16_t    stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uint_least32_t    stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uint_least64_t    stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uint_least8_t     stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uintmax_t         stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_uintptr_t         stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_ullong            stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_ulong             stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_ushort            stdatomic.h    C11
atomic_wchar_t           stdatomic.h    C11
bitand                   iso646.h       C89
bitor                    iso646.h       C89
bool                     stdbool.h      C99
bsearch                  stdlib.h       C89
bsearch_s                stdlib.h       C11
btowc                    wchar.h        C89
c16rtomb                 uchar.h        C11
c32rtomb                 uchar.h        C11
cabs                     complex.h      C99
cabsf                    complex.h      C99
cabsl                    complex.h      C99
cacos                    complex.h      C99
cacosf                   complex.h      C99
cacosh                   complex.h      C99
cacoshf                  complex.h      C99
cacoshl                  complex.h      C99
cacosl                   complex.h      C99
call_once                threads.h      C11
calloc                   stdlib.h       C89
carg                     complex.h      C99
carg                     tgmath.h       C99
cargf                    complex.h      C99
cargl                    complex.h      C99
casin                    complex.h      C99
casinf                   complex.h      C99
casinh                   complex.h      C99
casinhf                  complex.h      C99
casinhl                  complex.h      C99
casinl                   complex.h      C99
catan                    complex.h      C99
catanf                   complex.h      C99
catanh                   complex.h      C99
catanhf                  complex.h      C99
catanhl                  complex.h      C99
catanl                   complex.h      C99
cbrt                     math.h         C99
cbrt                     tgmath.h       C99
cbrtf                    math.h         C99
cbrtl                    math.h         C99
ccos                     complex.h      C99
ccosf                    complex.h      C99
ccosh                    complex.h      C99
ccoshf                   complex.h      C99
ccoshl                   complex.h      C99
ccosl                    complex.h      C99
ceil                     math.h         C89
ceil                     tgmath.h       C99
ceilf                    math.h         C99
ceill                    math.h         C99
cexp                     complex.h      C99
cexpf                    complex.h      C99
cexpl                    complex.h      C99
char16_t                 uchar.h        C11
char32_t                 uchar.h        C11
cimag                    complex.h      C99
cimag                    tgmath.h       C99
cimagf                   complex.h      C99
cimagl                   complex.h      C99
clearerr                 stdio.h        C89
clock                    time.h         C89
clock_t                  time.h         C89
clog                     complex.h      C99
clogf                    complex.h      C99
clogl                    complex.h      C99
cnd_broadcast            threads.h      C11
cnd_destroy              threads.h      C11
cnd_init                 threads.h      C11
cnd_signal               threads.h      C11
cnd_t                    threads.h      C11
cnd_timedwait            threads.h      C11
cnd_wait                 threads.h      C11
compl                    iso646.h       C89
complex                  complex.h      C99
conj                     complex.h      C99
conj                     tgmath.h       C99
conjf                    complex.h      C99
conjl                    complex.h      C99
constraint_handler_t     stdlib.h       C11
copysign                 math.h         C99
copysign                 tgmath.h       C99
copysignf                math.h         C99
copysignl                math.h         C99
cos                      math.h         C89
cos                      tgmath.h       C99
cosf                     math.h         C99
cosh                     math.h         C89
cosh                     tgmath.h       C99
coshf                    math.h         C99
coshl                    math.h         C99
cosl                     math.h         C99
cpow                     complex.h      C99
cpowf                    complex.h      C99
cpowl                    complex.h      C99
cproj                    complex.h      C99
cproj                    tgmath.h       C99
cprojf                   complex.h      C99
cprojl                   complex.h      C99
creal                    complex.h      C99
creal                    tgmath.h       C99
crealf                   complex.h      C99
creall                   complex.h      C99
csin                     complex.h      C99
csinf                    complex.h      C99
csinh                    complex.h      C99
csinhf                   complex.h      C99
csinhl                   complex.h      C99
csinl                    complex.h      C99
csqrt                    complex.h      C99
csqrtf                   complex.h      C99
csqrtl                   complex.h      C99
ctan                     complex.h      C99
ctanf                    complex.h      C99
ctanh                    complex.h      C99
ctanhf                   complex.h      C99
ctanhl                   complex.h      C99
ctanl                    complex.h      C99
ctime                    time.h         C89
ctime_s                  time.h         C11
difftime                 time.h         C89
div                      stdlib.h       C89
div_t                    stdlib.h       C89
double_t                 math.h         C99
erf                      math.h         C99
erf                      tgmath.h       C99
erfc                     math.h         C99
erfc                     tgmath.h       C99
erfcf                    math.h         C99
erfcl                    math.h         C99
erff                     math.h         C99
erfl                     math.h         C99
errno                    errno.h        C89
errno_t                  errno.h        C11
errno_t                  stdio.h        C11
errno_t                  stdlib.h       C11
errno_t                  string.h       C11
errno_t                  time.h         C11
errno_t                  wchar.h        C11
exit                     stdlib.h       C89
exp                      math.h         C89
exp                      tgmath.h       C99
exp2                     math.h         C99
exp2                     tgmath.h       C99
exp2f                    math.h         C99
exp2l                    math.h         C99
expf                     math.h         C99
expl                     math.h         C99
expm1                    math.h         C99
expm1                    tgmath.h       C99
expm1f                   math.h         C99
expm1l                   math.h         C99
fabs                     math.h         C89
fabs                     tgmath.h       C99
fabsf                    math.h         C99
fabsl                    math.h         C99
false                    stdbool.h      C99
fclose                   stdio.h        C89
fdim                     math.h         C99
fdim                     tgmath.h       C99
fdimf                    math.h         C99
fdiml                    math.h         C99
feclearexcept            fenv.h         C99
fegetenv                 fenv.h         C99
fegetexceptflag          fenv.h         C99
fegetround               fenv.h         C99
feholdexcept             fenv.h         C99
fenv_t                   fenv.h         C99
feof                     stdio.h        C89
feraiseexcept            fenv.h         C99
ferror                   stdio.h        C89
fesetenv                 fenv.h         C99
fesetexceptflag          fenv.h         C99
fesetround               fenv.h         C99
fetestexcept             fenv.h         C99
feupdateenv              fenv.h         C99
fexcept_t                fenv.h         C99
fflush                   stdio.h        C89
fgetc                    stdio.h        C89
fgetpos                  stdio.h        C89
fgets                    stdio.h        C89
fgetwc                   wchar.h        C89
fgetws                   wchar.h        C89
float_t                  math.h         C99
floor                    math.h         C89
floor                    tgmath.h       C99
floorf                   math.h         C99
floorl                   math.h         C99
fma                      math.h         C99
fma                      tgmath.h       C99
fmaf                     math.h         C99
fmal                     math.h         C99
fmax                     math.h         C99
fmax                     tgmath.h       C99
fmaxf                    math.h         C99
fmaxl                    math.h         C99
fmin                     math.h         C99
fmin                     tgmath.h       C99
fminf                    math.h         C99
fminl                    math.h         C99
fmod                     math.h         C89
fmod                     tgmath.h       C99
fmodf                    math.h         C99
fmodl                    math.h         C99
fopen                    stdio.h        C89
fopen_s                  stdio.h        C11
fpclassify               math.h         C99
fpos_t                   stdio.h        C89
fprintf                  stdio.h        C89
fprintf_s                stdio.h        C11
fputc                    stdio.h        C89
fputs                    stdio.h        C89
fputwc                   wchar.h        C89
fputws                   wchar.h        C89
fread                    stdio.h        C89
free                     stdlib.h       C89
freopen                  stdio.h        C89
freopen_s                stdio.h        C11
frexp                    math.h         C89
frexp                    tgmath.h       C99
frexpf                   math.h         C99
frexpl                   math.h         C99
fscanf                   stdio.h        C89
fscanf_s                 stdio.h        C11
fseek                    stdio.h        C89
fsetpos                  stdio.h        C89
ftell                    stdio.h        C89
fwide                    wchar.h        C89
fwprintf                 wchar.h        C89
fwprintf_s               wchar.h        C11
fwrite                   stdio.h        C89
fwscanf                  wchar.h        C89
fwscanf_s                wchar.h        C11
getc                     stdio.h        C89
getchar                  stdio.h        C89
getenv                   stdlib.h       C89
getenv_s                 stdlib.h       C11
gets                     stdio.h        C89;Gone in C11
gets_s                   stdio.h        C11
getwc                    wchar.h        C89
getwchar                 wchar.h        C89
gmtime                   time.h         C89
gmtime_s                 time.h         C11
hypot                    math.h         C99
hypot                    tgmath.h       C99
hypotf                   math.h         C99
hypotl                   math.h         C99
ignore_handler           stdlib.h       C11
ilogb                    math.h         C99
ilogb                    tgmath.h       C99
ilogbf                   math.h         C99
ilogbl                   math.h         C99
imaginary                complex.h      C99
imaxabs                  inttypes.h     C99
imaxdiv                  inttypes.h     C99
imaxdiv_t                inttypes.h     C99
int*_t                   stdint.h       C99
int_fast*_t              stdint.h       C99
int_least*_t             stdint.h       C99
intmax_t                 stdint.h       C99
intptr_t                 stdint.h       C99
isalnum                  ctype.h        C89
isalpha                  ctype.h        C89
isblank                  ctype.h        C99
iscntrl                  ctype.h        C89
isdigit                  ctype.h        C89
isfinite                 math.h         C99
isgraph                  ctype.h        C89
isgreater                math.h         C99
isgreaterequal           math.h         C99
isinf                    math.h         C99
isless                   math.h         C99
islessequal              math.h         C99
islessgreater            math.h         C99
islower                  ctype.h        C89
isnan                    math.h         C99
isnormal                 math.h         C99
isprint                  ctype.h        C89
ispunct                  ctype.h        C89
isspace                  ctype.h        C89
isunordered              math.h         C99
isupper                  ctype.h        C89
iswalnum                 wctype.h       C89
iswalpha                 wctype.h       C89
iswblank                 wctype.h       C99
iswcntrl                 wctype.h       C89
iswctype                 wctype.h       C89
iswdigit                 wctype.h       C89
iswgraph                 wctype.h       C89
iswlower                 wctype.h       C89
iswprint                 wctype.h       C89
iswpunct                 wctype.h       C89
iswspace                 wctype.h       C89
iswupper                 wctype.h       C89
iswxdigit                wctype.h       C89
isxdigit                 ctype.h        C89
jmp_buf                  setjmp.h       C89
kill_dependency          stdatomic.h    C11
labs                     stdlib.h       C89
lconv                    locale.h       C89
ldexp                    math.h         C89
ldexp                    tgmath.h       C99
ldexpf                   math.h         C99
ldexpl                   math.h         C99
ldiv                     stdlib.h       C89
ldiv_t                   stdlib.h       C89
lgamma                   math.h         C99
lgamma                   tgmath.h       C99
lgammaf                  math.h         C99
lgammal                  math.h         C99
llabs                    stdlib.h       C99
lldiv                    stdlib.h       C99
lldiv_t                  stdlib.h       C99
llrint                   math.h         C99
llrint                   tgmath.h       C99
llrintf                  math.h         C99
llrintl                  math.h         C99
llround                  math.h         C99
llround                  tgmath.h       C99
llroundf                 math.h         C99
llroundl                 math.h         C99
localeconv               locale.h       C89
localtime                time.h         C89
localtime_s              time.h         C11
log                      math.h         C89
log                      tgmath.h       C99
log10                    math.h         C89
log10                    tgmath.h       C99
log10f                   math.h         C99
log10l                   math.h         C99
log1p                    math.h         C99
log1p                    tgmath.h       C99
log1pf                   math.h         C99
log1pl                   math.h         C99
log2                     math.h         C99
log2                     tgmath.h       C99
log2f                    math.h         C99
log2l                    math.h         C99
logb                     math.h         C99
logb                     tgmath.h       C99
logbf                    math.h         C99
logbl                    math.h         C99
logf                     math.h         C99
logl                     math.h         C99
longjmp                  setjmp.h       C89
lrint                    math.h         C99
lrint                    tgmath.h       C99
lrintf                   math.h         C99
lrintl                   math.h         C99
lround                   math.h         C99
lround                   tgmath.h       C99
lroundf                  math.h         C99
lroundl                  math.h         C99
malloc                   stdlib.h       C89
math_errhandling         math.h         C99
mblen                    stdlib.h       C89
mbrlen                   wchar.h        C89
mbrto16                  uchar.h        C11
mbrto32                  uchar.h        C11
mbrtowc                  wchar.h        C89
mbsinit                  wchar.h        C89
mbsrtowcs                wchar.h        C89
mbsrtowcs_s              wchar.h        C11
mbstate_t                uchar.h        C11
mbstate_t                wchar.h        C89
mbstowcs                 stdlib.h       C89
mbstowcs_s               stdlib.h       C11
mbtowc                   stdlib.h       C89
memchr                   string.h       C89
memcmp                   string.h       C89
memcpy                   string.h       C89
memcpy_s                 string.h       C11
memmove                  string.h       C89
memmove_s                string.h       C11
memory_order             stdatomic.h    C11
memory_order_acq_rel     stdatomic.h    C11
memory_order_acquire     stdatomic.h    C11
memory_order_consume     stdatomic.h    C11
memory_order_relaxed     stdatomic.h    C11
memory_order_release     stdatomic.h    C11
memory_order_seq_cst     stdatomic.h    C11
memset                   string.h       C89
memset_s                 string.h       C11
mktime                   time.h         C89
modf                     math.h         C89
modff                    math.h         C99
modfl                    math.h         C99
mtx_destroy              threads.h      C11
mtx_init                 threads.h      C11
mtx_lock                 threads.h      C11
mtx_plain                threads.h      C11
mtx_recursive            threads.h      C11
mtx_t                    threads.h      C11
mtx_timed                threads.h      C11
mtx_timedlock            threads.h      C11
mtx_trylock              threads.h      C11
mtx_unlock               threads.h      C11
nan                      math.h         C99
nanf                     math.h         C99
nanl                     math.h         C99
nearbyint                math.h         C99
nearbyint                tgmath.h       C99
nearbyintf               math.h         C99
nearbyintl               math.h         C99
nextafter                math.h         C99
nextafter                tgmath.h       C99
nextafterf               math.h         C99
nextafterl               math.h         C99
nexttoward               math.h         C99
nexttoward               tgmath.h       C99
nexttowardf              math.h         C99
nexttowardl              math.h         C99
noreturn                 stdnoreturn.h  C11
not                      iso646.h       C89
not_eq                   iso646.h       C89
offsetof                 stddef.h       C89
once_flag                threads.h      C11
or                       iso646.h       C89
or_eq                    iso646.h       C89
perror                   stdio.h        C89
pow                      math.h         C89
pow                      tgmath.h       C99
powf                     math.h         C99
powl                     math.h         C99
printf                   stdio.h        C89
printf_s                 stdio.h        C11
ptrdiff_t                stddef.h       C89
putc                     stdio.h        C89
putchar                  stdio.h        C89
puts                     stdio.h        C89
putwc                    wchar.h        C89
putwchar                 wchar.h        C89
qsort                    stdlib.h       C89
qsort_s                  stdlib.h       C11
quick_exit               stdlib.h       C11
raise                    signal.h       C89
rand                     stdlib.h       C89
realloc                  stdlib.h       C89
remainder                math.h         C99
remainder                tgmath.h       C99
remainderf               math.h         C99
remainderl               math.h         C99
remove                   stdio.h        C89
remquo                   math.h         C99
remquo                   tgmath.h       C99
remquof                  math.h         C99
remquol                  math.h         C99
rename                   stdio.h        C89
rewind                   stdio.h        C89
rint                     math.h         C99
rint                     tgmath.h       C99
rintf                    math.h         C99
rintl                    math.h         C99
round                    math.h         C99
round                    tgmath.h       C99
roundf                   math.h         C99
roundl                   math.h         C99
rsize_t                  stddef.h       C11
rsize_t                  stdio.h        C11
rsize_t                  stdlib.h       C11
rsize_t                  string.h       C11
rsize_t                  time.h         C11
rsize_t                  wchar.h        C11
scalbln                  math.h         C99
scalbln                  tgmath.h       C99
scalblnf                 math.h         C99
scalblnl                 math.h         C99
scalbn                   math.h         C99
scalbn                   tgmath.h       C99
scalbnf                  math.h         C99
scalbnl                  math.h         C99
scanf                    stdio.h        C89
scanf_s                  stdio.h        C11
set_constraint_handler_s stdlib.h       C11
setbuf                   stdio.h        C89
setjmp                   setjmp.h       C89
setlocale                locale.h       C89
setvbuf                  stdio.h        C89
sig_atomic_t             signal.h       C89
signal                   signal.h       C89
signbit                  math.h         C99
sin                      math.h         C89
sin                      tgmath.h       C99
sinf                     math.h         C99
sinh                     math.h         C89
sinh                     tgmath.h       C99
sinhf                    math.h         C99
sinhl                    math.h         C99
sinl                     math.h         C99
size_t                   stddef.h       C89
size_t                   stdio.h        C89
size_t                   stdlib.h       C89
size_t                   string.h       C89
size_t                   time.h         C89
size_t                   uchar.h        C11
size_t                   wchar.h        C89
snprintf                 stdio.h        C99
snprintf_s               stdio.h        C11
snwprintf_s              wchar.h        C11
sprintf                  stdio.h        C89
sprintf_s                stdio.h        C11
sqrt                     math.h         C89
sqrt                     tgmath.h       C99
sqrtf                    math.h         C99
sqrtl                    math.h         C99
srand                    stdlib.h       C89
sscanf                   stdio.h        C89
sscanf_s                 stdio.h        C11
static_assert            assert.h       C11
stderr                   stdio.h        C89
stdin                    stdio.h        C89
stdout                   stdio.h        C89
strcat                   string.h       C89
strcat_s                 string.h       C11
strchr                   string.h       C89
strcmp                   string.h       C89
strcoll                  string.h       C89
strcpy                   string.h       C89
strcpy_s                 string.h       C11
strcspn                  string.h       C89
strerror                 string.h       C89
strerror_s               string.h       C11
strerrorlen_s            string.h       C11
strftime                 time.h         C89
strlen                   string.h       C89
strncat                  string.h       C89
strncat_s                string.h       C11
strncmp                  string.h       C89
strncpy                  string.h       C89
strncpy_s                string.h       C11
strnlen_s                string.h       C11
strpbrk                  string.h       C89
strrchr                  string.h       C89
strspn                   string.h       C89
strstr                   string.h       C89
strtod                   stdlib.h       C89
strtof                   stdlib.h       C99
strtoimax                inttypes.h     C99
strtok                   string.h       C89
strtok_s                 string.h       C11
strtol                   stdlib.h       C89
strtold                  stdlib.h       C99
strtoll                  stdlib.h       C99
strtoul                  stdlib.h       C89
strtoull                 stdlib.h       C99
strtoumax                inttypes.h     C99
strxfrm                  string.h       C89
swprintf                 wchar.h        C89
swprintf_s               wchar.h        C11
swscanf                  wchar.h        C89
swscanf_s                wchar.h        C11
system                   stdlib.h       C89
tan                      math.h         C89
tan                      tgmath.h       C99
tanf                     math.h         C99
tanh                     math.h         C89
tanh                     tgmath.h       C99
tanhf                    math.h         C99
tanhl                    math.h         C99
tanl                     math.h         C99
tgamma                   math.h         C99
tgamma                   tgmath.h       C99
tgammaf                  math.h         C99
tgammal                  math.h         C99
thrd_busy                threads.h      C11
thrd_creat               threads.h      C11
thrd_current             threads.h      C11
thrd_detach              threads.h      C11
thrd_equal               threads.h      C11
thrd_error               threads.h      C11
thrd_exit                threads.h      C11
thrd_join                threads.h      C11
thrd_nomem               threads.h      C11
thrd_sleep               threads.h      C11
thrd_start_t             threads.h      C11
thrd_success             threads.h      C11
thrd_t                   threads.h      C11
thrd_timedout            threads.h      C11
thrd_yield               threads.h      C11
thread_local             threads.h      C11
time                     time.h         C89
time_t                   time.h         C89
timespec                 time.h         C11
timespec_get             time.h         C11
tm                       time.h         C89
tm                       wchar.h        C89
tmpfile                  stdio.h        C89
tmpfile_s                stdio.h        C11
tmpnam                   stdio.h        C89
tmpnam_s                 stdio.h        C11
tolower                  ctype.h        C89
toupper                  ctype.h        C89
towctrans                wctype.h       C89
towlower                 wctype.h       C89
towupper                 wctype.h       C89
true                     stdbool.h      C99
trunc                    math.h         C99
trunc                    tgmath.h       C99
truncf                   math.h         C99
truncl                   math.h         C99
tss_create               threads.h      C11
tss_delete               threads.h      C11
tss_dtor_t               threads.h      C11
tss_get                  threads.h      C11
tss_set                  threads.h      C11
tss_t                    threads.h      C11
uint*_t                  stdint.h       C99
uint_fast*_t             stdint.h       C99
uint_least*_t            stdint.h       C99
uintmax_t                stdint.h       C99
uintptr_t                stdint.h       C99
ungetc                   stdio.h        C89
ungetwc                  wchar.h        C89
va_arg                   stdarg.h       C89
va_copy                  stdarg.h       C99
va_end                   stdarg.h       C89
va_list                  stdarg.h       C89
va_start                 stdarg.h       C89
vfprintf                 stdio.h        C89
vfprintf_s               stdio.h        C11
vfscanf                  stdio.h        C99
vfscanf_s                stdio.h        C11
vfwprintf                wchar.h        C89
vfwprintf_s              wchar.h        C11
vfwscanf                 wchar.h        C99
vfwscanf_s               wchar.h        C11
vprintf                  stdio.h        C89
vprintf_s                stdio.h        C11
vscanf                   stdio.h        C99
vscanf_s                 stdio.h        C11
vsnprintf                stdio.h        C99
vsnprintf_s              stdio.h        C11
vsnwprintf               wchar.h        C11
vsprintf                 stdio.h        C89
vsprintf_s               stdio.h        C11
vsscanf                  stdio.h        C99
vsscanf_s                stdio.h        C11
vswprintf                wchar.h        C89
vswprintf_s              wchar.h        C11
vswscanf                 wchar.h        C99
vswscanf_s               wchar.h        C11
vwprintf                 wchar.h        C89
vwprintf_s               wchar.h        C11
vwscanf                  wchar.h        C99
vwscanf_s                wchar.h        C11
wchar_t                  stddef.h       C89
wchar_t                  stdlib.h       C89
wchar_t                  wchar.h        C89
wcrtomb                  wchar.h        C89
wcrtomb_s                wchar.h        C11
wcscat                   wchar.h        C89
wcscat_s                 wchar.h        C11
wcschr                   wchar.h        C89
wcscmp                   wchar.h        C89
wcscoll                  wchar.h        C89
wcscpy                   wchar.h        C89
wcscpy_s                 wchar.h        C11
wcscspn                  wchar.h        C89
wcsftime                 wchar.h        C89
wcslen                   wchar.h        C89
wcsncat                  wchar.h        C89
wcsncat_s                wchar.h        C11
wcsncmp                  wchar.h        C89
wcsncpy                  wchar.h        C89
wcsncpy_s                wchar.h        C11
wcsnlen_s                wchar.h        C11
wcspbrk                  wchar.h        C89
wcsrchr                  wchar.h        C89
wcsrtombs                wchar.h        C89
wcsrtombs_s              wchar.h        C11
wcsspn                   wchar.h        C89
wcsstr                   wchar.h        C89
wcstod                   wchar.h        C89
wcstof                   wchar.h        C99
wcstoimax                inttypes.h     C99
wcstok                   wchar.h        C89
wcstok_s                 wchar.h        C11
wcstol                   wchar.h        C89
wcstold                  wchar.h        C99
wcstoll                  wchar.h        C99
wcstombs                 stdlib.h       C89
wcstombs_s               stdlib.h       C11
wcstoul                  wchar.h        C89
wcstoull                 wchar.h        C99
wcstoumax                inttypes.h     C99
wcsxfrm                  wchar.h        C89
wctob                    wchar.h        C89
wctomb                   stdlib.h       C89
wctomb_s                 stdlib.h       C11
wctrans                  wctype.h       C89
wctrans_t                wctype.h       C89
wctype                   wctype.h       C89
wctype_t                 wctype.h       C89
wint_t                   wchar.h        C89
wint_t                   wctype.h       C89
wmemchr                  wchar.h        C89
wmemcmp                  wchar.h        C89
wmemcpy                  wchar.h        C89
wmemcpy_s                wchar.h        C11
wmemmove                 wchar.h        C89
wmemmove_s               wchar.h        C11
wmemset                  wchar.h        C89
wprintf                  wchar.h        C89
wprintf_s                wchar.h        C11
wscanf                   wchar.h        C89
wscanf_s                 wchar.h        C11
xor                      iso646.h       C89
xor_eq                   iso646.h       C89

POSIX names and corresponding headers:

Standard P90 denotes the POSIX 1003.1 as of 1990; P2001 denotes IEEE Std 1003.1:2001 (only functions are complete; other identifiers soon to come.)

Name                     Header            Standard
ARG_MAX                  limits.h             P90
B0                       termios.h            P90
B110                     termios.h            P90
B1200                    termios.h            P90
B134                     termios.h            P90
B150                     termios.h            P90
B1800                    termios.h            P90
B19200                   termios.h            P90
B200                     termios.h            P90
B2400                    termios.h            P90
B300                     termios.h            P90
B38400                   termios.h            P90
B4800                    termios.h            P90
B50                      termios.h            P90
B600                     termios.h            P90
B75                      termios.h            P90
B9600                    termios.h            P90
BRKINT                   termios.h            P90
CHILD_MAX                limits.h             P90
CLK_TCK                  time.h               P90
CLOCAL                   termios.h            P90
CREAD                    termios.h            P90
CS5                      termios.h            P90
CS6                      termios.h            P90
CS7                      termios.h            P90
CS8                      termios.h            P90
CSIZE                    termios.h            P90
CSTOPB                   termios.h            P90
DIR                      dirent.h             P90
E2BIG                    errno.h              P90
EACCES                   errno.h              P90
EAGAIN                   errno.h              P90
EBADF                    errno.h              P90
EBUSY                    errno.h              P90
ECHILD                   errno.h              P90
ECHO                     termios.h            P90
ECHOE                    termios.h            P90
ECHOK                    termios.h            P90
ECHONL                   termios.h            P90
EDEADLK                  errno.h              P90
EEXIST                   errno.h              P90
EFAULT                   errno.h              P90
EFBIG                    errno.h              P90
EINTR                    errno.h              P90
EINVAL                   errno.h              P90
EIO                      errno.h              P90
EISDIR                   errno.h              P90
EMFILE                   errno.h              P90
EMLINK                   errno.h              P90
ENAMETOOLONG             errno.h              P90
ENFILE                   errno.h              P90
ENODEV                   errno.h              P90
ENOENT                   errno.h              P90
ENOEXEC                  errno.h              P90
ENOLCK                   errno.h              P90
ENOMEM                   errno.h              P90
ENOSPC                   errno.h              P90
ENOSYS                   errno.h              P90
ENOTDIR                  errno.h              P90
ENOTEMPTY                errno.h              P90
ENOTTY                   errno.h              P90
ENXIO                    errno.h              P90
EPERM                    errno.h              P90
EPIPE                    errno.h              P90
EROFS                    errno.h              P90
ESPIPE                   errno.h              P90
ESRCH                    errno.h              P90
EXDEV                    errno.h              P90
FD_CLOEXEC               fcntl.h              P90
FD_CLR                   sys/select.h         P2001
FD_ISSET                 sys/select.h         P2001
FD_SET                   sys/select.h         P2001
FD_ZERO                  sys/select.h         P2001
F_DUPFD                  fcntl.h              P90
F_GETFD                  fcntl.h              P90
F_GETFL                  fcntl.h              P90
F_GETLK                  fcntl.h              P90
F_LOCK                   unistd.h             P2001
F_OK                     unistd.h             P90
F_RDLCK                  fcntl.h              P90
F_SETFD                  fcntl.h              P90
F_SETFL                  fcntl.h              P90
F_SETLK                  fcntl.h              P90
F_SETLKW                 fcntl.h              P90
F_TEST                   unistd.h             P2001
F_TLOCK                  unistd.h             P2001
F_ULOCK                  unistd.h             P2001
F_UNLCK                  fcntl.h              P90
F_WRLCK                  fcntl.h              P90
HUPCL                    termios.h            P90
ICANON                   termios.h            P90
ICRNL                    termios.h            P90
IEXTEN                   termios.h            P90
IGNBRK                   termios.h            P90
IGNCR                    termios.h            P90
IGNLCR                   termios.h            P90
IGNPAR                   termios.h            P90
INPCK                    termios.h            P90
ISIG                     termios.h            P90
ISTRIP                   termios.h            P90
IXOFF                    termios.h            P90
IXON                     termios.h            P90
LINK_MAX                 limits.h             P90
L_ctermid                stdio.h              P90
L_cuserid                stdio.h              P90
MAX_CANON                limits.h             P90
MAX_INPUT                limits.h             P90
NAME_MAX                 limits.h             P90
NCCS                     termios.h            P90
NGROUPS_MAX              limits.h             P90
NOFLSH                   termios.h            P90
OPEN_MAX                 limits.h             P90
OPOST                    termios.h            P90
O_ACCMODE                fcntl.h              P90
O_APPEND                 fcntl.h              P90
O_CREAT                  fcntl.h              P90
O_EXCL                   fcntl.h              P90
O_NOCTTY                 fcntl.h              P90
O_NONBLOCK               fcntl.h              P90
O_RDONLY                 fcntl.h              P90
O_RDWR                   fcntl.h              P90
O_TRUNC                  fcntl.h              P90
O_WRONLY                 fcntl.h              P90
PARENB                   termios.h            P90
PARMRK                   termios.h            P90
PARODD                   termios.h            P90
PIPE_BUF                 limits.h             P90
R_OK                     unistd.h             P90
SA_NOCLDSTOP             signal.h             P90
SEEK_CUR                 fcntl.h              P90
SEEK_CUR                 unistd.h             P90
SEEK_END                 fcntl.h              P90
SEEK_END                 unistd.h             P90
SEEK_SET                 fcntl.h              P90
SEEK_SET                 unistd.h             P90
SIGALRM                  signal.h             P90
SIGCHLD                  signal.h             P90
SIGCONT                  signal.h             P90
SIGHUP                   signal.h             P90
SIGKILL                  signal.h             P90
SIGPIPE                  signal.h             P90
SIGQUIT                  signal.h             P90
SIGSTOP                  signal.h             P90
SIGTSTP                  signal.h             P90
SIGTTIN                  signal.h             P90
SIGTTOU                  signal.h             P90
SIGUSR1                  signal.h             P90
SIGUSR2                  signal.h             P90
SIG_BLOCK                signal.h             P90
SIG_SETMASK              signal.h             P90
SIG_UNBLOCK              signal.h             P90
SSIZE_MAX                limits.h             P90
STDERR_FILENO            unistd.h             P90
STDIN_FILENO             unistd.h             P90
STDOUT_FILENO            unistd.h             P90
STREAM_MAX               limits.h             P90
STREAM_MAX               stdio.h              P90
S_IRGRP                  fcntl.h              P90
S_IRGRP                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_IROTH                  fcntl.h              P90
S_IROTH                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_ISBLK                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_ISCHR                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_ISDIR                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_ISFIFO                 sys/stat.h           P90
S_ISGID                  fcntl.h              P90
S_ISGID                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_ISREG                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_ISUID                  fcntl.h              P90
S_ISUID                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_IUSR                   fcntl.h              P90
S_IUSR                   sys/stat.h           P90
S_IWGRP                  fcntl.h              P90
S_IWGRP                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_IWOTH                  fcntl.h              P90
S_IWOTH                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_IWUSR                  fcntl.h              P90
S_IWUSR                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_IWXG                   fcntl.h              P90
S_IWXG                   sys/stat.h           P90
S_IWXO                   fcntl.h              P90
S_IWXO                   sys/stat.h           P90
S_IWXU                   fcntl.h              P90
S_IWXU                   sys/stat.h           P90
S_IXGRP                  fcntl.h              P90
S_IXGRP                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_IXOTH                  fcntl.h              P90
S_IXOTH                  sys/stat.h           P90
S_IXUSR                  fcntl.h              P90
S_IXUSR                  sys/stat.h           P90
TCIFLUSH                 termios.h            P90
TCIOFF                   termios.h            P90
TCIOFLUSH                termios.h            P90
TCION                    termios.h            P90
TCOFLUSH                 termios.h            P90
TCSADRAIN                termios.h            P90
TCSAFLUSH                termios.h            P90
TCSANOW                  termios.h            P90
TOSTOP                   termios.h            P90
TZNAME_MAX               limits.h             P90
VEOF                     termios.h            P90
VEOL                     termios.h            P90
VERASE                   termios.h            P90
VINTR                    termios.h            P90
VKILL                    termios.h            P90
VMIN                     termios.h            P90
VQUIT                    termios.h            P90
VSTART                   termios.h            P90
VSTOP                    termios.h            P90
VSUSP                    termios.h            P90
VTIME                    termios.h            P90
WEXITSTATUS              sys/wait.h           P90
WIFEXITED                sys/wait.h           P90
WIFSIGNALED              sys/wait.h           P90
WIFSTOPPED               sys/wait.h           P90
WNOHANG                  sys/wait.h           P90
WSTOPSIG                 sys/wait.h           P90
WTERMSIG                 sys/wait.h           P90
WUNTRACED                sys/wait.h           P90
W_OK                     unistd.h             P90
X_OK                     unistd.h             P90
_Exit                    stdlib.h             P2001
_PC_CHOWN_RESTRICTED     unistd.h             P90
_PC_MAX_CANON            unistd.h             P90
_PC_MAX_INPUT            unistd.h             P90
_PC_NAME_MAX             unistd.h             P90
_PC_NO_TRUNC             unistd.h             P90
_PC_PATH_MAX             unistd.h             P90
_PC_PIPE_BUF             unistd.h             P90
_PC_VDISABLE             unistd.h             P90
_POSIX_ARG_MAX           limits.h             P90
_POSIX_CHILD_MAX         limits.h             P90
_POSIX_CHOWN_RESTRICTED  unistd.h             P90
_POSIX_JOB_CONTROL       unistd.h             P90
_POSIX_LINK_MAX          limits.h             P90
_POSIX_MAX_CANON         limits.h             P90
_POSIX_MAX_INPUT         limits.h             P90
_POSIX_NAME_MAX          limits.h             P90
_POSIX_NGROUPS_MAX       limits.h             P90
_POSIX_NO_TRUNC          unistd.h             P90
_POSIX_OPEN_MAX          limits.h             P90
_POSIX_PATH_MAX          limits.h             P90
_POSIX_PIPE_BUF          limits.h             P90
_POSIX_SAVED_IDS         unistd.h             P90
_POSIX_SSIZE             limits.h             P90
_POSIX_STREAM_MAX        limits.h             P90
_POSIX_TZNAME_MAX        limits.h             P90
_POSIX_VDISABLE          unistd.h             P90
_POSIX_VERSION           unistd.h             P90
_SC_ARG_MAX              unistd.h             P90
_SC_CHILD_MAX            unistd.h             P90
_SC_CLK_TCK              unistd.h             P90
_SC_JOB_CONTROL          unistd.h             P90
_SC_NGROUPS_MAX          unistd.h             P90
_SC_OPEN_MAX             unistd.h             P90
_SC_SAVED_IDS            unistd.h             P90
_SC_STREAM_MAX           unistd.h             P90
_SC_TZNAME_MAX           unistd.h             P90
_SC_VERSION              unistd.h             P90
_exit                    unistd.h             P90
_longjmp                 setjmp.h             P2001
_setjmp                  setjmp.h             P2001
_tolower                 ctype.h              P2001
_toupper                 ctype.h              P2001
a64l                     stdlib.h             P2001
accept                   sys/socket.h         P2001
access                   unistd.h             P90
aio_cancel               aio.h                P2001
aio_error                aio.h                P2001
aio_fsync                aio.h                P2001
aio_read                 aio.h                P2001
aio_return               aio.h                P2001
aio_suspend              aio.h                P2001
aio_write                aio.h                P2001
alarm                    unistd.h             P90
basename                 libgen.h             P2001
bcmp                     strings.h            P2001
bcopy                    strings.h            P2001
bind                     sys/socket.h         P2001
bsd_signal               signal.h             P2001
bzero                    strings.h            P2001
catclose                 nl_types.h           P2001
catgets                  nl_types.h           P2001
catopen                  nl_types.h           P2001
cc_t                     termios.h            P90
cfgetispeed              termios.h            P90
cfgetospeed              termios.h            P90
cfsetispeed              termios.h            P90
cfsetospeed              termios.h            P90
chdir                    unistd.h             P90
chmod                    sys/stat.h           P90
chown                    unistd.h             P90
clock_getcpuclockid      time.h               P2001
clock_getres             time.h               P2001
clock_gettime            time.h               P2001
clock_nanosleep          time.h               P2001
clock_settime            time.h               P2001
clock_t                  sys/times.h          P90
close                    unistd.h             P90
closedir                 dirent.h             P90
closelog                 syslog.h             P2001
confstr                  unistd.h             P2001
connect                  sys/socket.h         P2001
creat                    fcntl.h              P90
crypt                    unistd.h             P2001
ctermid                  unistd.h             P90
cuserid                  unistd.h             P90
daylight                 time.h               P2001
dbm_clearerr             ndbm.h               P2001
dbm_close                ndbm.h               P2001
dbm_delete               ndbm.h               P2001
dbm_error                ndbm.h               P2001
dbm_fetch                ndbm.h               P2001
dbm_firstkey             ndbm.h               P2001
dbm_nextkey              ndbm.h               P2001
dbm_open                 ndbm.h               P2001
dbm_store                ndbm.h               P2001
dev_t                    sys/types.h          P90
dirent                   dirent.h             P90
dlclose                  dlfcn.h              P2001
dlerror                  dlfcn.h              P2001
dlopen                   dlfcn.h              P2001
dlsym                    dlfcn.h              P2001
drand48                  stdlib.h             P2001
dup                      unistd.h             P90
dup2                     unistd.h             P90
ecvt                     stdlib.h             P2001
encrypt                  unistd.h             P2001
endgrent                 grp.h                P2001
endhostent               netdb.h              P2001
endnetent                netdb.h              P2001
endprotoent              netdb.h              P2001
endpwent                 netdb.h              P2001
endservent               netdb.h              P2001
endutxent                utmpx.h              P2001
environ                  extern char **;      P90
erand48                  stdlib.h             P2001
execl                    unistd.h             P90
execle                   unistd.h             P90
execlp                   unistd.h             P90
execv                    unistd.h             P90
execve                   unistd.h             P90
execvp                   unistd.h             P90
fattach                  stropts.h            P2001
fchdir                   unistd.h             P2001
fchmod                   sys/stat.h           P2001
fchown                   unistd.h             P2001
fcntl                    fcntl.h              P90
fcvt                     stdlib.h             P2001
fdatasync                unistd.h             P2001
fdetach                  stropts.h            P2001
fdopen                   stdio.h              P90
ffs                      strings.h            P2001
fileno                   stdio.h              P90
flock                    fcntl.h              P90
flockfile                stdio.h              P2001
fmtmsg                   fmtmsg.h             P2001
fnmatch                  fnmatch.h            P2001
fork                     unistd.h             P90
fpathconf                unistd.h             P90
freeaddrinfo             netdb.h              P2001
fstat                    sys/stat.h           P90
fstatvfs                 sys/statvfs.h        P2001
fsync                    unistd.h             P2001
ftok                     sys/ipc.h            P2001
ftruncate                unistd.h             P2001
ftrylockfile             stdio.h              P2001
ftw                      ftw.h                P2001
funlockfile              stdio.h              P2001
gai_strerror             netdb.h              P2001
gcvt                     stdlib.h             P2001
getaddrinfo              netdb.h              P2001
getc_unlocked            stdio.h              P2001
getchar_unlocked         stdio.h              P2001
getcontext               ucontext.h           P2001
getcwd                   unistd.h             P90
getdate                  time.h               P2001
getegid                  unistd.h             P90
geteuid                  unistd.h             P90
getgid                   unistd.h             P90
getgrent                 grp.h                P2001
getgrgid                 grp.h                P90
getgrnam                 grp.h                P90
getgroups                unistd.h             P90
gethostbyaddr            netdb.h              P2001
gethostbyname            netdb.h              P2001
gethostent               netdb.h              P2001
gethostid                unistd.h             P2001
gethostname              unistd.h             P2001
getitimer                sys/time.h           P2001
getlogin                 unistd.h             P90
getmsg                   stropts.h            P2001
getpgrp                  unistd.h             P90
getpid                   unistd.h             P90
getpmsg                  stropts.h            P2001
getppid                  unistd.h             P90
getpriority              sys/resource.h       P2001
getprotobyname           netdb.h              P2001
getprotobynumber         netdb.h              P2001
getprotoent              netdb.h              P2001
getpwent                 pwd.h                P2001
getpwnam                 pwd.h                P90
getpwuid                 pwd.h                P90
getrlimit                sys/resource.h       P2001
getrusage                sys/resource.h       P2001
getservbyname            netdb.h              P2001
getservbyport            netdb.h              P2001
getservent               netdb.h              P2001
getsid                   unistd.h             P2001
getsockname              sys/socket.h         P2001
getsockopt               sys/socket.h         P2001
getsubopt                stdlib.h             P2001
gettimeofday             sys/time.h           P2001
getuid                   unistd.h             P90
getutxent                utmpx.h              P2001
getutxid                 utmpx.h              P2001
getutxline               utmpx.h              P2001
gid_t                    sys/types.h          P90
glob                     glob.h               P2001
globfree                 glob.h               P2001
grantpt                  stdlib.h             P2001
group                    grp.h                P90
h_errno                  netdb.h              P2001
hcreate                  search.h             P2001
hdestroy                 search.h             P2001
hsearch                  search.h             P2001
htonl                    arpa/inet.h          P2001
htons                    arpa/inet.h          P2001
iconv                    iconv.h              P2001
iconv_close              iconv.h              P2001
iconv_open               iconv.h              P2001
if_freenameindex         net/if.h             P2001
if_indextoname           net/if.h             P2001
if_nameindex             net/if.h             P2001
if_nametoindex           net/if.h             P2001
index                    strings.h            P2001
inet_addr                arpa/inet.h          P2001
inet_ntoa                arpa/inet.h          P2001
inet_ntop                arpa/inet.h          P2001
initstate                stdlib.h             P2001
ino_t                    sys/types.h          P90
insque                   search.h             P2001
ioctl                    stropts.h            P2001
isascii                  ctype.h              P2001
isastream                stropts.h            P2001
isatty                   unistd.h             P90
j0                       math.h               P2001
j1                       math.h               P2001
jn                       math.h               P2001
jrand48                  stdlib.h             P2001
kill                     signal.h             P90
killpg                   signal.h             P2001
l64a                     stdlib.h             P2001
lchown                   unistd.h             P2001
lcong48                  stdlib.h             P2001
lfind                    search.h             P2001
link                     unistd.h             P90
lio_listio               aio.h                P2001
listen                   sys/socket.h         P2001
localtime_r              time.h               P2001
lockf                    unistd.h             P2001
lrand48                  stdlib.h             P2001
lsearch                  search.h             P2001
lseek                    unistd.h             P90
lstat                    sys/stat.h           P2001
makecontext              ucontext.h           P2001
memccpy                  string.h             P2001
mkdir                    sys/stat.h           P90
mkfifo                   sys/stat.h           P90
mknod                    sys/stat.h           P2001
mkstemp                  stdlib.h             P2001
mktemp                   stdlib.h             P2001
mlock                    sys/mman.h           P2001
mlockall                 sys/mman.h           P2001
mmap                     sys/mman.h           P2001
mode_t                   sys/types.h          P90
mprotect                 sys/mman.h           P2001
mq_close                 mqueue.h             P2001
mq_getattr               mqueue.h             P2001
mq_notify                mqueue.h             P2001
mq_open                  mqueue.h             P2001
mq_receive               mqueue.h             P2001
mq_send                  mqueue.h             P2001
mq_setattr               mqueue.h             P2001
mq_timedreceive          mqueue.h             P2001
mq_timedsend             mqueue.h             P2001
mq_unlink                mqueue.h             P2001
mrand48                  stdlib.h             P2001
msgctl                   sys/msg.h            P2001
msgget                   sys/msg.h            P2001
msgrcv                   sys/msg.h            P2001
msgsnd                   sys/msg.h            P2001
msync                    sys/mman.h           P2001
munlock                  sys/mman.h           P2001
munlockall               sys/mman.h           P2001
munmap                   sys/mman.h           P2001
nanosleep                time.h               P2001
nftw                     ftw.h                P2001
nice                     unistd.h             P2001
nl_langinfo              langinfo.h           P2001
nlink_t                  sys/types.h          P90
nrand48                  stdlib.h             P2001
ntohl                    arpa/inet.h          P2001
ntohs                    arpa/inet.h          P2001
off_t                    sys/types.h          P90
open                     fcntl.h              P90
opendir                  dirent.h             P90
openlog                  syslog.h             P2001
optarg                   unistd.h             P2001
opterr                   unistd.h             P2001
optind                   unistd.h             P2001
optopt                   unistd.h             P2001
passwd                   pwd.h                P90
pathconf                 unistd.h             P90
pause                    unistd.h             P90
pclose                   stdio.h              P2001
pid_t                    sys/types.h          P90
pipe                     unistd.h             P90
poll                     poll.h               P2001
popen                    stdio.h              P2001
posix_fadvise            fcntl.h              P2001
posix_fallocate          fcntl.h              P2001
posix_madvise            sys/mman.h           P2001
posix_mem_offset         sys/mman.h           P2001
posix_memalign           stdlib.h             P2001
posix_openpt             fcntl.h              P2001
posix_spawn              spawn.h              P2001
posix_spawn_file_actions_addclose    spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawn_file_actions_adddup2     spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawn_file_actions_addopen     spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawn_file_actions_destroy     spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawn_file_actions_init        spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_destroy              spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_getflags             spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_getpgroup            spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_getschedparam        spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_getschedpolicy       spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_getsigdefault        spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_getsigmask           spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_init                 spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_setflags             spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_setpgroup            spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_setschedparam        spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_setschedpolicy       spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_setsigdefault        spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnattr_setsigmask           spawn.h  P2001
posix_spawnnp                        spawn.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_destroy             trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getclockres         trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getcreatetime       trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getgenversion       trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getinherited        trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getlogfullpolicy    trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getlogsize          trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getmaxdatasize      trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getname             trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getstreamfullpolicy trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_getstreamsize       trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_init                trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_setinherited        trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_setlogfullpolicy    trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_setlogsize          trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_setmaxdatasize      trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_setname             trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_setstreamfullpolicy trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_attr_setstreamsize       trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_clear                    trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_close                    trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_create                   trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_event                    trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_eventid_equal            trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_eventid_get_name         trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_eventid_openl            trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_eventset_addl            trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_eventtypelist_getnext_id trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_flush                    trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_get_attr                 trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_get_filter               trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_get_getnext_event        trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_get_status               trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_open                     trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_rewind                   trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_set_filter               trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_shutdown                 trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_start                    trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_timedgetnext_event       trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_trid_eventid_open        trace.h  P2001
posix_trace_trygetnext_event         trace.h  P2001
posix_typed_mem_get_info          sys/mman.h  P2001
posix_typed_mem_open              sys/mman.h  P2001
pread                               unistd.h  P2001
pselect                         sys/select.h  P2001
pthread_atfork                     pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_destroy               pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_getdetachstate        pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_getguardsize          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_getinheritsched       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_getschedparam         pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_getschedpolicy        pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_getscope              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_getstack              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_getstackaddr          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_getstacksize          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_init                  pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_setdetachstate        pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_setguardsize          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_setinheritsched       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_setschedparam         pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_setschedpolicy        pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_setscope              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_setstack              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_setstackaddr          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_attr_setstacksize          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_barrier_destroy            pthread.h  P2001
pthread_barrier_init               pthread.h  P2001
pthread_barrier_wait               pthread.h  P2001
pthread_barrierattr_destroy        pthread.h  P2001
pthread_barrierattr_getpshared     pthread.h  P2001
pthread_barrierattr_init           pthread.h  P2001
pthread_barrierattr_setpshared     pthread.h  P2001
pthread_cancel                     pthread.h  P2001
pthread_cleanup_pop                pthread.h  P2001
pthread_cond_broadcast             pthread.h  P2001
pthread_cond_destroy               pthread.h  P2001
pthread_cond_init                  pthread.h  P2001
pthread_cond_signal                pthread.h  P2001
pthread_cond_timedwait             pthread.h  P2001
pthread_cond_wait                  pthread.h  P2001
pthread_condattr_destroy           pthread.h  P2001
pthread_condattr_getclock          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_condattr_getpshared        pthread.h  P2001
pthread_condattr_init              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_condattr_setclock          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_condattr_setpshared        pthread.h  P2001
pthread_create                     pthread.h  P2001
pthread_detach                     pthread.h  P2001
pthread_equal                      pthread.h  P2001
pthread_exit                       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_getconcurrency             pthread.h  P2001
pthread_getcpuclockid              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_getschedparam              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_getspecific                pthread.h  P2001
pthread_join                       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_key_create                 pthread.h  P2001
pthread_kill                       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutex_destroy              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutex_getprioceiling       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutex_init                 pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutex_lock                 pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutex_setprioceiling       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutex_timedlock            pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutex_trylock              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_destroy          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling   pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol      pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_getpshared       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_gettype          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_init             pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling   pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol      pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_setpshared       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_mutexattr_settype          pthread.h  P2001
pthread_once                       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlock_destroy             pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlock_init                pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlock_rdlock              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlock_timedrdlock         pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock         pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlock_tryrdlock           pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlock_trywrlock           pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlock_unlock              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlock_wrlock              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlockattr_destroy         pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlockattr_getpshared      pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlockattr_init            pthread.h  P2001
pthread_rwlockattr_setpshared      pthread.h  P2001
pthread_self                       pthread.h  P2001
pthread_setcancelstate             pthread.h  P2001
pthread_setconcurrency             pthread.h  P2001
pthread_setschedparam              pthread.h  P2001
pthread_setschedprio               pthread.h  P2001
pthread_setspecific                pthread.h  P2001
pthread_sigmask                    pthread.h  P2001
pthread_spin_destroy               pthread.h  P2001
pthread_spin_init                  pthread.h  P2001
pthread_spin_lock                  pthread.h  P2001
pthread_spin_trylock               pthread.h  P2001
pthread_spin_unlock                pthread.h  P2001
pthread_testcancel                 pthread.h  P2001
ptsname                  stdlib.h           P2001
putc_unlocked            stdio.h            P2001
putchar_unlocked         stdio.h            P2001
putenv                   stdlib.h           P2001
putmsg                   stropts.h          P2001
putpmsg                  stropts.h          P2001
pututxline               utmpx.h            P2001
pwrite                   unistd.h           P2001
random                   stdlib.h           P2001
read                     unistd.h           P90
readdir                  dirent.h           P90
readlink                 unistd.h           P2001
readv                    sys/uio.h          P2001
realpath                 stdlib.h           P2001
recv                     sys/socket.h       P2001
recvfrom                 sys/socket.h       P2001
recvmsg                  sys/socket.h       P2001
regcomp                  regex.h            P2001
remque                   search.h           P2001
rewinddir                dirent.h           P90
rindex                   string.h           P2001
rmdir                    unistd.h           P90
scalb                    math.h             P2001
sched_get_param          sched.h            P2001
sched_get_priority_max   sched.h            P2001
sched_get_scheduler      sched.h            P2001
sched_rr_get_interval    sched.h            P2001
sched_setparam           sched.h            P2001
sched_yield              sched.h            P2001
seed48                   stdlib.h           P2001
seekdir                  dirent.h           P2001
select                   sys/select.h       P2001
sem_close                semaphore.h        P2001
sem_destroy              semaphore.h        P2001
sem_getvalue             semaphore.h        P2001
sem_init                 semaphore.h        P2001
sem_open                 semaphore.h        P2001
sem_post                 semaphore.h        P2001
sem_timedwait            semaphore.h        P2001
sem_trywait              semaphore.h        P2001
sem_unlink               semaphore.h        P2001
sem_wait                 semaphore.h        P2001
semctl                   sys/sem.h          P2001
semget                   sys/sem.h          P2001
semop                    sys/sem.h          P2001
send                     sys/socket.h       P2001
sendmsg                  sys/socket.h       P2001
sendto                   sys/socket.h       P2001
setcontext               ucontext.h         P2001
setegid                  unistd.h           P2001
setenv                   stdlib.h           P2001
seteuid                  unistd.h           P2001
setgid                   unistd.h           P90
setgrent                 grp.h              P2001
sethostent               netdb.h            P2001
setitimer                sys/time.h         P2001
setkey                   stdlib.h           P2001
setlogmask               syslog.h           P2001
setnetent                netdb.h            P2001
setpgid                  unistd.h           P90
setpgrp                  unistd.h           P2001
setpriority              sys/resource.h     P2001
setprotoent              netdb.h            P2001
setpwent                 pwd.h              P2001
setregid                 unistd.h           P2001
setregid                 unistd.h           P2001
setreuid                 unistd.h           P2001
setrlimit                sys/resource.h     P2001
setservent               netdb.h            P2001
setsid                   unistd.h           P90
setsockopt               sys/socket.h       P2001
setstate                 stdlib.h           P2001
setuid                   unistd.h           P90
setutxent                utmpx.h            P2001
shm_open                 sys/mman.h         P2001
shm_unlink               sys/mman.h         P2001
shmat                    sys/shm.h          P2001
shmctl                   sys/shm.h          P2001
shmdt                    sys/shm.h          P2001
shmget                   sys/shm.h          P2001
shutdown                 sys/socket.h       P2001
sigaction                signal.h           P90
sigaddset                signal.h           P90
sigaltstack              signal.h           P2001
sigdelset                signal.h           P90
sigemptyset              signal.h           P90
sigfillset               signal.h           P90
sighold                  signal.h           P2001
sigignore                signal.h           P2001
siginterrupt             signal.h           P2001
sigismember              signal.h           P90
sigjmp_buf               setjmp.h           P90
siglongjmp               setjmp.h           P90
signgam                  extern int;        P2001
sigpause                 signal.h           P2001
sigpending               signal.h           P90
sigprocmask              signal.h           P90
sigqueue                 signal.h           P2001
sigrelse                 signal.h           P2001
sigset                   signal.h           P2001
sigset_t                 signal.h           P90
sigsetjmp                setjmp.h           P90
sigsuspend               signal.h           P90
sigtimedwait             signal.h           P2001
sigwait                  signal.h           P2001
sigwaitinfo              signal.h           P2001
size_t                   sys/types.h        P90
size_t                   unistd.h           P90
sleep                    unistd.h           P90
sockatmark               sys/socket.h       P2001
socket                   sys/socket.h       P2001
socketpair               sys/socket.h       P2001
speed_t                  termios.h          P90
srand48                  stdlib.h           P2001
srandom                  stdlib.h           P2001
ssize_t                  sys/types.h        P90
ssize_t                  unistd.h           P90
stat                     sys/stat.h         P90
stat (struct)            sys/stat.h         P90
statvfs                  sys/statvfs.h      P2001
strcasecmp               strings.h          P2001
strdup                   string.h           P2001
strerror_r               string.h           P2001
strfmon                  monetary.h         P2001
strncasecmp              strings.h          P2001
strptime                 time.h             P2001
strtok_r                 string.h           P2001
swab                     unistd.h           P2001
swapcontext              ucontext.h         P2001
symlink                  unistd.h           P2001
sync                     unistd.h           P2001
sysconf                  unistd.h           P90
syslog                   syslog.h           P2001
tcdrain                  termios.h          P90
tcflag_t                 termios.h          P90
tcflow                   termios.h          P90
tcflush                  termios.h          P90
tcgetattr                termios.h          P90
tcgetpgrp                unistd.h           P90
tcgetsid                 termios.h          P2001
tcsendbreak              termios.h          P90
tcsetattr                termios.h          P90
tcsetpgrp                unistd.h           P90
tdelete                  search.h           P2001
telldir                  dirent.h           P2001
tempnam                  stdio.h            P2001
termios                  termios.h          P90
tfind                    search.h           P2001
timer_create             time.h             P2001
timer_delete             time.h             P2001
timer_getoverrun         time.h             P2001
times                    sys/times.h        P90
timezone                 time.h             P2001
tms                      sys/times.h        P90
toascii                  ctype.h            P2001
truncate                 unistd.h           P2001
tsearch                  search.h           P2001
ttyname                  unistd.h           P90
twalk                    search.h           P2001
tzname                   time.h             P2001
tzset                    time.h             P90
ualarm                   unistd.h           P2001
uid_t                    sys/types.h        P90
ulimit                   ulimit.h           P2001
umask                    sys/stat.h         P90
uname                    sys/utsname.h      P90
unlink                   unistd.h           P90
unlockpt                 stdlib.h           P2001
unsetenv                 stdlib.h           P2001
useconds_t               unistd.h           P2001
usleep                   unistd.h           P2001
utimbuf                  utime.h            P90
utime                    utime.h            P90
utimes                   sys/time.h         P2001
utsname                  sys/utsname.h      P90
vfork                    unistd.h           P2001
wait                     sys/wait.h         P90
waitid                   sys/wait.h         P2001
waitpid                  sys/wait.h         P90
wcswcs                   wchar.h            P2001
wcswidth                 wchar.h            P2001
wcwidth                  wchar.h            P2001
wordexp                  wordexp.h          P2001
wordfree                 wordexp.h          P2001
write                    unistd.h           P90
writev                   sys/uio.h          P2001
y0                       math.h             P2001
y1                       math.h             P2001
yn                       math.h             P2001


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